One-day tour

One-day Trip

Discover the secrets of Tinos in just one day.

city of Tinos

Start your journey by heading to the beach of Kionia


…from there, continue driving until you reach Pyrgos a beautiful village closely associated with marble. (more information at 1st route)


After you have first had a taste of the Cycladic beauty, head towards the village of Tarambados with its famous pigeon houses.


In a short distance you will find the village of Loutra, widely-known for the Ursuline Monastery which will take you back in time, located just 6 km away from the island’s most beautiful beach…


…Kolymbithra, which is worth visiting if the weather favorable…


On your way back from Kolymbithra drive to the village of Volax, a destination of incomparable beauty. (more information at 2nd route)


On your way back to the city, head to the village of Arnados, there do not miss out on visiting the Monastery of Agia Pelagia, while always respecting its rules.

Dyo Choria

Afterwards, it is an absolute must to stop in the neighboring villages of Dyo Choria…


and Triantaros, equally picturesque with a panoramic view of the Aegean, ideal to enjoy the sunset! (more information at 3rd route)

This is a long route, but in case your time on the island is limited, by following it you will gain countless experiences, having visited the best spots of Tinos !!!