1st route

First route - Exo Meri (Outer sites)

The Island of Tinos has countless alluring landscapes and paths. So, we prepared a travel guide for you, as locals of the island.

Below you will find the paths that we have chosen for you, with our aim always being to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Visit our traditional villages, built inside unforgettable sceneries, and walk through their quaint paths. The classic cycladical architecture, with its characteristic archways, could not be absent from our villages, but what stands out here are the marble skylights that adorn every manor house. Certainly, the enchanting beaches could not be omitted from your route!

city of Tinos

Start your day, by heading towards the village of Pyrgos, which is located 24km away from the city center of Tinos.

Before leaving, do not miss trying the famous Galaktoboureko of Pyrgos; you will enjoy it along with your coffee under the huge, shady plane tree in the central square of the village, with its impressive marble fountain.


Pyrgos is renowned for its close relationship with marble, but also for the talented sculptors who are known beyond the borders of the island, one of whom is Yannoulis Chalepas whose house has been transformed into a worth-visiting museum. Equally interesting is the Marble Art Museum, where you can familiarize yourself with every stage of marble processing

Walk through the village, which is decorated with marble details, as well as more significant works of art.


On your way back, take a look at the coastal village of Panormos, there you will find taverns by the sea with delicious and fresh seafood.

In case of strong wind blowing, choose Agia Thalassa over Rohari. Just a 25-minute walk from the village of Panormos, a quieter option for swimming, but at the same time being less exposed to the wind!


Continue your journey, by going swimming at Rohari Beach, with a unique view of “Planitis”, an uninhabited islet with “wild” beauty, on top of which stands a stone lighthouse since 1886


Do not hesitate to visit the windmills of Ysternia, which are labeled as preserved monument and will surely leave you speechless with their unparalleled beauty!


On the way back, a stop at the village of “Kardiani”, one of the most beautiful villages of the Island, is essential. Prefer visiting Kardiani in the afternoon, since then you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset with a panoramic view of the Aegean. In addition to its stunning view, Kardiani has many springs with traditional fountains and plenty of running water and consequently a lush green nature.