2nd route

Second route - Kato Meri (Lower Sites)

The Island of Tinos has countless alluring landscapes and paths. So, we prepared a travel guide for you, as locals of the island.

Below you will find the paths that we have chosen for you, with our aim always being to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Visit our traditional villages, built inside unforgettable sceneries, and walk through their quaint paths. The classic cycladical architecture, with its characteristic archways, could not be absent from our villages, but what stands out here are the marble skylights that adorn every manor house. Certainly, the enchanting beaches could not be omitted from your route!

City of Tinos


Head towards the village of “Tripotamos”. As soon as you start approaching it you will immediately see “Exomvourgo” also known as “Castle of Tinos”, which definitely deserves a visit on foot to its top from where you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the island.


Your next station is the village of “Tarambados”. There, do not hesitate to visit the “Valley of Dovecotes”, one of a kind experience for anyone that visits the island for the first time.


Meanwhile… down the road, is the village of “Smardakito”. You will be astonished by the hard to find on the island, lush vegetation, but also by the picturesque square with its traditional well and the remarkable Catholic Church of St. Anthony.

Museum K. Tsoklis

On your way back, the Kostas Tsoklis Museum, in the neighboring village of Kampos, is worth a stop to admire its impressive dragon.


Meanwhile, just 3km is the village of “Loutra” located, with the famous Ursuline Museum and Convent, perfect for a trip back in time.


The closest, but at the same time the most beautiful beach of the island is “Kolimbithra”, at a distance of 6 km from “Loutra”.


Also, a stop in the village of Volax, for food, is necessary. There, apart from the charming landscape provided by the granite rocks, you will come across the last basket weavers of the island.